We see the patina, the wear and tear and the ageing of objects as elements to embrace and enjoy. Much like any collectible from cars, vinyl records and furniture, we value that a vintage watch tells a story of life in a different time. A time where you would appreciate sitting in your home reading a book to the soft sound of jazz while wearing a watch handed down to you. Watches are a pillar of technology, of sentiment and of emotion. We want our clients to love what they buy from us and embody our values of slow living, embracing the perfect within the imperfect, and appreciating time as the only asset we have.

Wynn & Thayne was born out of the notion to deliver vintage and pre-owned timepieces for first watch buyers and budding collectors. Our mission is to place the best watches on your wrist through a bespoke watch purchasing service filled with satisfaction, authenticity and quality. To achieve this we have 5+ years in watch collecting and have a team of certified experts with over 30+ years in the industry who appraise, evaluate and authenticate.