Wynn & Thayne follows an ethos of slow living, embracing the perfect within the imperfect, and appreciating time as the only asset we have.

Wynn & Thayne is the home of beautiful vintage and pre-owned watches for first-time buyers and passionate collectors. Our mission is to place the best watches on your wrist through our bespoke and premium service. We can assist in finding a watch that fits your taste and lifestyle, whilst ensuring authenticity and quality.  To achieve this, we have 6+ years in watch collecting and have a team of certified experts with over 30+ years in the industry who appraise, evaluate and repair.

We value the stories that a vintage watch can tell. We see the ageing and patina as elements to embrace and enjoy, denoting a quality that stands the test of time. Watches are a pillar of technology, of sentiment, and of emotion. We encourage our clients to love what they buy from us and to embody the values we hold dear.