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Molequin for Wynn & Thayne, A New Partnership

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that brings the best leather and suede watch strap manufacturer to our shores, Molequin. Exclusively designed and made for Wynn & Thayne, our collaborative watch straps are a result of manufacturing excellence and luxury.

The straps have been meticulously designed to incorporate subtle tone-on-tone stitching, a heavy-duty brushed steel buckle or polished gold buckle at an additional cost, and quick-release spring bars for effortless interchangeability. All of our watch straps are cut in a medium size of 115/75mm with a gentle taper to a 16mm buckle width, which suits a variety of wrists.

With a shared commitment to excellent product, our partnership aims to showcase luxury watch accessories while celebrating the rich heritage of French leatherwork.

We are also offering a custom-made programme where clients can choose their size, colour and buckle all with our own branding. Estimates and delivery timeframes can vary so if there's something you're considering get in touch early.

Suede Goat Skin

Working with suede can be challenging due to its tendency to be of varying and often subpar quality. Molequin upholds a commitment to using only the finest-quality skins for our products, a principle we never compromise on.

Their sourcing involves a direct relationship with the tanneries that produce these skins, ensuring complete transparency in their origins. After extensive rounds of testing, we have resulted in a premium goat skin from France that met our high standards, allowing us to craft these straps with the utmost confidence.

Grained Calf Leather

Crafted from grained calf leather originating from France, these straps are cut exceptionally thin. They maintain their resilience and shape even under regular wear and tear. This leather excels at withstanding scratches and is easily maintained with a quick wipe using a damp cloth.

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